Rossi: E-Cat Replicators’ Work Matches His Early Results

A comment by Andrea Rossi yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics might be encouraging to replicators.

Rossi responded to a question from Øystein Lande who asked:

“The fact that replications so far have not achieved very high COP: Is there still a secret ingredient in Your e-cat that it not known to the public?”

Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi

Oeystein Lande:
The replications have reached the COP and the situations that we had originally. The eventual evolution is a matter of industrial refinement of the technology, that takes a huge amount of work. The eventual inventions that have allowed the improvement of the E-Cats are now the subject of many patents that are either pending or in preparation.
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The successful replications that have been published to date have given a COP of between about 2 – 3 (e.g. Parkhomov), and what Rossi is saying here is that that is where he was when he started out. His improvements have been achieved through a refinement process — but we are not going to be told what those are until the patents are made public.

Rossi has always been very complimentary of those who have been able to achieve success in their replication attempts, perhaps because he recognizes that they are where he once was. When we hear of much higher COP levels in the E-Cat we might think that replicators are doing something wrong, but according to Rossi here that may not be the case.