MFMP Starts New Live Test: Glowstick #5

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial project has posted on its website about a new test that has been started today by Alan Goldwater and Mark Jurich in Santa Cruz, California.

Details of the test setup are provided in this live document:

MFMP states in the above document that one difference between this Glowstick and past ones is they are using a HTED Catalyst

From the live document:

One such area of investigation that the MFMP had been exploring in depth during the 3rd quarter of 2015 [] is that of Particle 3 of the Lugano reactors fuel which is predominantly a 100um piece of Fe2O3. Analysis of previous data relating to Rossi’s work and the work of Leif Holmlid has led us to what we consider a more faithful replication of Lugano fuel, which will be run for the first time today . . .

The Chinese sourced HTED-04 catalyst has no Cr2O3 which makes it safe to use, the Cr based ones would be considered a known carcinogen. The suppliers said it contained “iron oxide, potassium oxide, calcium and magnesium, cerium oxide, other promoters and stabilizers, but no molybdenum and chromium oxide.”

Live data can be followed here: (screen grab every 10 seconds), and here: (under GS5)

UPDATE: Here’s a Youtube stream: