‘Our Response to A Rossi’ (Proatom.ru Reports on Successful Russian LENR Systems)

A post titled “Our Response to A Rossi” on the Russian Proatom.ru website by Alexander Prosvirnov reports on various apparently successful LENR experiments that have taken place in Russia recently, and focuses on the work of a team led by Anatoly Klimov who have reported success with a “plasma vortex” system which reportedly could produce a COP of 3-10.

The article can be read in Russian here: http://www.proatom.ru/modules.php?file=article&name=News&sid=6384 Following are some Google translated excerpts.

Scientists of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures (High Temperatures RAS), Anatoly Klimov and his team have created a plasma vortex reactor, which received a sevenfold excess output on power consumption, as well as direct evidence transmutation of elements . . .

Today we know 7 research groups in Russia and abroad, who, regardless of A. Rossi AG Parkhomov conducted successful experiments with nickel-hydrogen and nickel-lithium alloy aluminum hydride systems. [3] There were other than nickel-hydrogen LENY systems new installation on a different principle

Among other things, the article states that Nissan motor company sent people to the recent LENR conference to Shochi, Russia to keep abreast of all the work reported, and it also claims that the US Congress has been funding LENR experts from former Soviet countries “for example SV Adamenko from Kiev (author installation of “Proton-21″) is now working at the Livermore lab.” This is the first I have heard this report, and I rather doubt that US Congress is specifically funding LENR research as such — maybe they have funded some research by scientists who happen to have done LENR work.

It is also reports that the Russian institute of aviation motors is interested in LENR.