Dutch Popular Science Magazine will Devote Article to Cold Fusion/LENR (John Schut)

The following post was submitted by John Schut

The Dutch popular science magazine KIJK (https://www.tijdschriftnu.nl/kijk-editie-201512) has promised her readers an article about Cold Fusion/LENR next year. It did so in a current article about alternative ways of doing ‘Hot Fusion’.

In a special section of the article the following text was printed:

“What about Cold Fusion? We already see the emails coming. Now KIJK is finally spending some attention to alternative ways to generate energy through hot fusion…, do they say no word about Cold Fusion (called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions now a days). Surely many things can be written about this subject, but not as part of an article about alternatives ways of doing ‘hot fusion’. Later in time we will spent an article on Cold Fusion/LENR”.

Like Andrea Rossi always says, the final outcome can be positive or negative, but at least Cold Fusion/LENR is getting attention in the popular Dutch science magazine KIJK in the near future.

John Schut