BlackLight Power, Inc. has Changed its Name to Brilliant Light Power, Inc. (Becktemba)

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The former emerging energy company known as BlackLight Power, Inc. Has changed its name to Brilliant Light Power, Inc. It was posted on it’s Blacklight Power website on 11/18/2015.

Brilliant Light Power

It’s the first news from the Company in eight months. Are they ready to reveal a working prototype? From prior announcements the company should have put out some sort of prototype six months ago. After 10 years are we finally going to see a working product from Brilliant Light Power, Inc?


Editor’s note: While the old website still exists, BLP has a new website at this address: , where the main caption reads:

BrilliantLight has developed a commercially competitive, nonpolluting source of energy from water. A SunCell™ catalytically converts H2O-based solid fuel directly into brilliant light which is converted to electricity using photovoltaic panels.