Polyneutrons (Axil Axil)

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At 6:43 of this video of a Russ Gries experiment with a hydrogen plasma, the experiment shows the emergence of a streak of plasma that when through the glass and into the space just outside the glass. Fisher and Oriani used the polyneutron theory to explain this type of occurrence.

I posted yesterday that all this experimental data which is called by many names might be explained by the same physics process.

One name is the SPP which is a ball of light that can pass through material that is transparent to the EMF that the SPP contains.

Tachyons are another name for very energetic particles that pass through material and leave tracks on photographic emulsions.

Polyneutrons are heavy particles that leave track on CR39 solid plastic radiation detectors and can even produce reactions inside that plastic material as it passes through it.

There is a school of thought in Russia that believes that plasmoids or ball lightning are a cause of the LENR reaction.

Ken Shoulders came up with a term for balls of EMF that he created with electric arc called EV and then later EVO.

Edward Lewis believed that LENR revolved around the plasmoid theory.

Mark LeClair saw these particles come out of his cavitation reactor and punch holes in the walls of his lab and even punched holes in the trees outside his lab. These particles were very heavy and powerful.

I believe, this ball of EMF that has many names is all one and the same thing. It is the ultimate cause of LENR in all its many forms.

Axil Axil