Thanksgiving Thread 2015

It’s Thanksgiving again in the United States, and it’s funny how fast holidays seem to roll around. To me they tend to mark time when I look back at the history of this website which has become an integral aspect of my life since I started it up in April 2011. It’s been a fascinating journey and I have received a tremendous education that I am sure I could not have been obtained from any textbook or college course that exists anywhere in the world.

I enjoy every minute of running this site, even though it presents its challenges from time to time (like yesterday when I was out with my family away from my computer and internet access, and got a phone call that the site was down). Happily the problem resolved itself before I could get to a computer, and life continued on as normal.

While there is no end of serious problems in the world, I still find there is a great deal to be thankful for. I have no illusions that technology can solve all our problems, but I do see technological breakthroughs as being ways to solve some of the most pressing ones, and that’s my motivation to continue to keep this site up and running.

Technological progress seems be continuing unabated. The focus of this site is on revolutionary energy technology — but there are other interesting technologies that come up along he way that are certainly worth attention. Just as examples, today the Raspberry Pi foundation announced they are producing a $5 computer (see here), and Toshiba announced they had developed a prototype 3D printer that prints metals more than 10 times faster than current methods, with the ability to print materials like stainless steel, iron and Inconel (see here)

The recent interview with Fulvio Fabiani published by Mats Lewan gives a revealing glimpse of what life is like behind the scenes with the devlopment of the  E-Cat, and it all sounds very promising. Fabiani is obviously convinced of the reality of the technology he is working with, and that’s very encouraging. I’m also very interested in what Steorn is doing with their Orbo technology which is hitting the market this year. I’m very curious to find out if their products match their claims of being able to generate a  constant useful electrical current indefinitely from a device that has no input power.

So I’m optimistic regarding the future, and I do want to say thank you to all the readers of E-Cat World for you interest and contributions which add so much to the site. Your support and engagement keeps me motivated to do my best with this site, and I have developed a whole new circle of friends because of this site who mean a great deal to me. Happy Thanksgiving!

Frank Acland