E-Cat X Makes Gas-Powered E-Cat ‘Obsolete’

At one time Andrea Rossi was working hard on developing a natural gas-driven E-Cat because he said in many cases it would be cheaper to use the energy input from cheap natural gas compared to electricity. It has apparently been a struggle to get the ‘Gas-Cat’ to work, and Rossi has never declared success with this approach.

Well, according to Andrea Rossi, there seems to be now no need to pursue this effort any longer. Here’s an exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday:

Alessandro Coppi

Hi Andrea,
what news about the gas fueled E-CAt that some time ago seemed the most promising technology?

Andrea Rossi

Alessandro Coppi:
I am afraid it has been made obsolete from the E-Cat X.
But the aituation is still fluid.
Warm Regards

We still don’t really know what the E-Cat X is, but if it makes the Gas Cat obsolete, one would think that Rossi has made some kind of breakthrough where much less input power is needed than before– and even if electricity is much more expensive than natural gas it might still be cost-effective to use it.

Looking over the clues from Fabio Fulviani he said something in reference to the Hot Cat:

“I have really seen . . . Did you see Blade Runner? The quote at the end, ‘I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe’. It’s true. I assure you that I have seen things that only I, Rossi and a few other people saw. We really saw things… I really saw the new frontier of energy. There is nothing in comparison. You cannot imagine. I speak of the E-CatX* and many others of Rossi’s experiments.”

It seems that Fabiani here is in awe of the X-Cat, and it seems that it represents a major evolution in the development of the E-Cat. We have seen that Rossi has taken outside input in connection with the jet engine, and it makes one wonder what could happen with this technology over the next few years, especially when more scientists and engineers get involved.