New Photos Ahead of Orbo Webinar on Dec 2 (Update: CEO McCarthy Announces Product Launch: Orbo Now Like First Combustion Engine)

Steorn will be holding another webinar on December 2nd to promote its Orbo technology, and kick off sales of products. Today some photos have been released on Facebook which give some indications of what we might expect at the meeting on Wednesday.

It looks like they are going ahead with a product launch, and I am planning to order the O-Cube to test it out. Could it be that while the heads of state and industry are meeting in Paris launching a quest for new zero-carbon energy, that a small company in Dublin is going to launch a technology into the marketplace that can create a constant usable electrical current for consumer products at the point of use without any need for fuel input? This is what Steorn now claims. If so, this could be a very significant development. I’ll certainly be tuning in to the webinar on December 2nd

UPDATE (Dec 1, 2015: Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy just posted this on Facebook:

Tomorrow, fifteen years after starting our little company Steorn, we finally launch our first two Orbo based products. It’s been a journey for sure, we have had the shit kicked out of us on the road, but we always kept going, we always tried to have fun, and we have always tried to do the right thing.

Fifteen years is a long time, but it’s only the start. I have heard many people compare Orbo to the Model T, it’s a technology at the very start of its journey into people’s lives. I believe that Orbo as it exists today is not near the Model T in terms of what it is capable of, its Christiann Huygens first combustion engine. Many people will find our first products to be too expensive and too low in function. Hey, don’t buy them, they are not for you, but they will be!

I will not even attempt to thank everyone who has helped us on this long and interesting journey, it’s in the many of hundreds if not thousands. The next part of the road will be fun, but not without its potholes and turns, and we are looking forward to it, we love a good fight!

Here are a few of the Facebook pictures, some of which look like they have been taken during filming for the webinar.

Steorn finance director Patrick Corbett with O-Cube chargers on his left, and what look to be boxes for Orbo powered e-cigarettes on his right.


Rachel Wallace, aka “Ogirl” with some O-Cubes


Ogirl with a bottle celebrating that the “battery is dead”.


From Shaun McCarthy’s Facebook profile, this is apparently the “Ophone” that he has been referring to. Not sure if this is ready for sale, but it has reportedly been tested lately. We may find out more about it tomorrow.