Rossi on the E-Cat’s Modular Future: E-Cat X Units Can Combine to Make Power Plants of Any Size

I think we have learned from Andrea Rossi about the future of the E-Cat — and it is modular. Some comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics point to a new concept which has been brought about by apparent success of the E-Cat X. While we still don’t know exactly what it is, but it seems from what Rossi has been saying that it is an E-Cat that can be made in quite small modules which can then be assembled together to make whatever size power plant you might need.

Here are some recent comments from the JONP on the topic:

Q: The E-Cat X will be conceived in reactors of many dimensions, or you will make small modules that will be combined to pile up any power is needed?

A: November 30th, 2015 at 8:35 AM

I love the idea of small modules to be piled up. The Universe is made by elementary particles.
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“I understand that if the E-Cat X wins, it can make up also for the 1 MW plant, that could be made by the E-Cat X modules, while if the 1 MW Ecat wins, she cannot make up f
or the E-Cat X . . . This being said, I hope both win.”

Andrea Rossi

Frank Acland:
Thank you for the correction of the typo.
The basic E-Cat X will be a module with a small power ( we still have to define it).
Such modules can be assembled to reach any power level.
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It’s a fascinating concept which makes the E-Cat X all the more intriguing. If you can put E-Cat X modules together to make a plant of any size, it must be much simpler in assembly than the E-Cats we have seen so far. We don’t yet know how large a single E-Cat X unit might be, but there are some artists impressions of a domestic E-Cat X on the website here:

Rossi has commented on these concept drawings saying:

Daniel Badoual, a scientific journalist, has made them as a free interpretation of how a domestic E-Cat could be. The idea is good and we had from him the permission to use them with his courtesy.
Is an interesting concept.


Whatever the domestic E-Cat X looks like, I think if it works, and can be made into modules that can be combined, that the current E-Cat plant Rossi is working on could quickly become obsolete.