New Interview with Rossi Presented by Vessela Nikolova at Italian Parliament Meeting

Vessela Nikolova has reported on her blog (see here: that she made a presentation to a meeting at the Italian Parliament building to a workshop hosted by Italian Senator Domenico Scilipoti and for that meeting she presented a brief interview with Andrea Rossi from inside his shipping container.

In the interview Andrea Rossi gave an update of how the testing was going on both the 1MW plant and the E-Cat X. For readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics, there’s not much new information given by AR, but it’s interesting to see him talking in person (in his native Italian; English subtitles are provided).

The general takeaway for me was that there is still a long way to go with the development of the E-Cat X — Rossi said that they needed a dedicated lab for its development — and and that the 1 MW plant test is still unpredictable, but Rossi said they still expect it to end in late February 2016.