Google Confirms D-Wave Quantum Computer 100 Million Times Faster Than Conventional Ones (Leo Kaas)

This post was submitted by Leo Kaas

D-wave claimed they had created a quantum computer. The reaction seemed similar to the E-Cat announcement. Now the Customer (Google) has come forward with positive results.

An excerpt:

[Google] has presented findings conclusively demonstrating the D-Wave does perform quantum annealing, and is capable of solving certain types of problems up to 100 million times faster than conventional systems. Over the past two years, D-Wave and Google have worked together to test the types of solutions that the quantum computer could create and measure its performance against traditional CPU and GPU compute clusters. In a new blog post, Hartmut Neven, director of engineering at Google, discusses the proof-of-principle problems the company designed and executed to demonstrate “quantum annealing can offer runtime advantages for hard optimization problems characterized by rugged energy landscapes.”