Announcement: ICCF20 — October 2016 in Sendai, Japan

A website has been posted for next year’s ICCF20 meeting (International Conference on Cold Fusion) which will be held October 2-7 in Sendai, Japan. Here’s the link:

The host for this conference will be the Condensed Matter Nuclear Reaction (CMNR) Division, the Research Center for Electron Photon Science (ELPH) of Tohoku University

From the conference announcement:

There have been great progresses in the CMNS research during the past few years. The new developments related to the heat generation strongly attract our attention, for example, in the Ni/Pd hydrogen-based higher temperature region. A movement which aims to direct practical use of thermal output has been activated, as well as fundamental researches to understand the basic mechanism. Further in Japan, in order to solve the energy problems and nuclear waste disposal, the CMNS research proposals were accepted recently by the government grant agencies, and the feasibility studies have already started.

For those interested in presenting at the conference, the deadline for submitting abstracts is June 30, 2016. The website also announces that there will be a satellite meeting prior to the Sendai meeting held at Xiamen University in Xiamen, China on September 29-30, 2016.