The Water Crystal — Cavitation and LENR (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil

The Water Crystal

At 34:00 into this video show, Mark LeClair, the president and driving force behind Nanospire begins his presentation describing the production of fusion using cavitation. I contend that insight can be gleaned about unveiling the mysteries revolving around Rydberg matter and what gives Rydberg matter its LENR capabilities.

It seems to me that the multi-segmented structure of the graphite like hexagonal plates or cells connected in a long unicellular line is what is imported to collect and store large amounts of polariton energy. The water crystal that LeClair talks about is comprised of the same plate like ensemble as Rydberg matter but with O-H pairs forming the plates instead of just H.

LeClair states that he has seen the water crystal undergoing tremendous stress but it seems to be protected by a Bose Condensate based protective shield that absorbs and distributes all the energy that it generates through nuclear reactions. This shield keeps the crystal together under crushing accelerations as it eats through and digests material. The Water Crystal is attracted electrostatically to sharp edged holes and sharp edges. They track along the field lines that these sharp edges produce. This could be why the nickel micro particles used in the E-Cat LENR fuel requires the surface be pitted with large amounts of nano cracks generated in fuel reprocessing.

LeClair also states that the water crystal produces pressures some 10000 times greater than the center of the sun and yet the water crystal stays intact to eat through meters of material.

The polariton shield is in deed resistant to cosmological levels of heat and pressure more that any material that ITER can ever deploy.

Such resistance to hellish extremes in both pressures and temperatures must be a result of the magnetic forces that we know that a polariton soliton can generate.

This Polariton shield must also protects Holmlid’s Rydberg matter when he produces his nuclear effects since his Rydberg matter persists over many laser shots.

How can a flimsy collection of atoms that form Rydberg matter stay together inside Holmlid’s nuclear maelstrom?

This new concept that LeClair has now generously donated to our growing collection of LENR miracles can be added to our treasure trove. Now known, it now can be joyously placed into my LENR bag of dreams, our toolkit of the future, as a impenetrable shield that protects LENR star ships as it passes through stars, planets, and comets at light speed unaffected and unafraid as if those cosmic obstructions were not even there.

To awaken from these dreams and back to our analysis, Holmlid states that is takes weeks of laser irradiation to make Rydberg matter active. He does not see that his concept about only the physical structure of the Rydberg matter itself produces Hot Fusion effects is illogical. If only shape and/or the crystals dimensionality causes hot fusion were true, then Rydberg matter would produce fusion immediately after the first shot of the laser when Holmlid’s reactor started up. Topology never changes no matter how long that you shine a laser on it. Something must be added over time to make Rydberg matter come alive.

The laser must pump energy into the Rydberg crystal for weeks to develop that Bose condensate EMF based polariton cover that makes the Rydberg matter active. And the reaction is LENR and not hot fusion.

LeClair gets that power level up on the first shot because of the huge power production potential generated by the cavitation bubble.

The polariton soliton must remain connected to the water crystal when it is confined inside the reactor. But the polariton shield can disconnect and uncloak from the water crystal somehow and be able to pass through the walls of the reactor, float free, and exist on its own, sustained on it own energy stores. This free floating soliton might be an instance of dark matter.

At the end of his presentation, LeClair takes a shot at the Lattice theory of LENR. One of his experiments produced fusion with just water. Because of the liquid only environment, he then rejects all theories for LENR that are based on lattice production of LENR effects such as W&L theory.

LeClair seems to be of split mind between Hot and Cold nuclear processes in his reaction. Sometimes he says that he is producing hot fusion and sometimes he thinks he is doing LENR. It could be that his process is a combined hot and cold fusion mechanism.

Axil Axil