1 MW E-Cat Plant Test Hits 300 Day Mark (Update: Charges in Reactors Still Unchanged — One Reactor Losing Efficiency)

Today there’s a bit of a milestone in the 350 day test for Andrea Rossi’s test of the 1 MW E-Cat plant. According to Rossi’s It has been 300 days since the test started on February 20th of this year (according to my calculations).

This does not mean, however, that the plant has been running continuously since that date. Rossi has mentioned that there have been plenty of repairs to make over the course of the test, and there have been some down days. From what I can gather the test is scheduled to conclude at the end of February, perhaps it will go into the first part of March if there are further down days.

Rossi’s reports of late about the plant’s performance have indicated that it has manly been stable, although he did report some leakages on December 17th. I have posted Rossi’s updates about the test on this page: https://www.e-catworld.com/rossis-1mw-plant-performance-updates/

We’re definitely in the final stretch now, and I’m sure that many followers will be very interested to find out the final results. It’s also going to be interesting how those results will be shared. AR has said recently that any report that is published will have to have the agreement of all the parties involved, which I assume would include his own team, the independent referee, the customer, and perhaps Industrial Heat.

It would be a big shame if we did not get a thorough report at the end of it all. If there is going to be any commercialization of this technology it will be important for potential customers to have an idea of what they would be getting themselves into, but I suppose it’s possible that a complete performance report will be given only to serious potential customers under an NDA, which would be a big frustration to people on the outside hoping to get a full report. Let’s hope that everything will be publicly released.

UPDATE#1 (Dec 21, 2015)

I asked Rossi on the JONP, “Have the charges in the E-Cat reactors in the 1MW plant been changed during the first 300 days of this test? If not, is there any sign of the reaction diminishing so far?” He responded:

Frank Acland:
No, they have not been changed . Further data will be given after the end of the tests.
Warm Regards,

So, taking all his comments together, if the E-Cat plant continues to be reported as stable (despite some repairs needed), and the charges have not changed for 300 days, it sounds to me like the plant has been doing essentially what it has been intended to do, so far.

UPDATE#2 (Dec 21, 2015)

An interesting comment by AR just now indicates that one reactor may be ‘slowing down’

Andrea Rossi
December 21st, 2015 at 8:27 AM
Ugo Pezzotti:
The 1 MW E-Cat is stable, but we are noticing a decrease of the efficiency in one reactor, probably due to the charge: this is very interesting and we are monitoring this fact very carefully.