French Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Announces First Symposium (March 18-20 in Avignon)

Matieu Valat has contacted me with the following information about an upcoming symposium to be held by the French Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science:

The French Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science aims to promote this field of physics to French scientists and enthusiasts. There are societies in Japan, Russia, Italy and in the USA, but nothing was organized in France, where interest is growing toward our field of research. Every year, we want to make a short meeting for our members to network and develop collaborations.

This first symposium RNBE-2016 will take place in Avignon from March 18th to 20th.

It will begin with some important, never released, early research from 1989, as well as a tribute to the scientific effort pursued by Georges Longchamps. Then, young scientist as well as experienced ones will come and describe their findings. Calorimetry, transmutations, theory, material science as well as experimental aspects will be covered by a wide range of specialists.

We are targeting to make this event enjoyable and informative for everyone!
You are welcome to register (in French) through our website and eventually submit your abstract for review to the scientific committee.

So hurry-up, time is short and March will come quickly!