CFA Institute on Possible Global Impact of Cold Fusion

Here’s a little mention of LENR from the CFA Institute.

According to its own profile, “The CFA Institute is a global community of investment professionals working to build an investment industry where investors’ interests come first, financial markets function at their best, and economies grow.”

In a Christmas day review by Ron Rimkus of the CFA Institute, titled “Best of 2015: Economics, Innovations, and Magic Leap”, he covers some of the major finance-impacting events of this year. The article is here:

He mentions the sluggishness of major economies around the world, calling the United States the “cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry”. He also looks at significant technologies that have made an impact in 2015 and singles out Bitcoin, desalination in Israel, and Google’s Magic Leap augmented and virtual reality glasses.

Then, he brings up cold fusion, saying:

Lastly, discussion of cold fusion as a serious technology often elicits scoffs and ridicule. Nevertheless, it is something I check in on from time to time. I recently learned of a company called Brillouin Energy that claims to have perfected the technology. To be sure, many others have made similar claims before. This time, however, validation tests of the energy output were performed by scientists at Stanford Research International and appear to confirm a fourfold gain in power as well as control of the fusion trigger. If true, and this is a big if, this technology could not only transform the energy industry, but also geopolitics as we know it. It will be fascinating if this thing succeeds.

I think this is a little more evidence that CF/LENR is beginning to be taken more seriously by people watching important trends and technologies. To me it’s not really surprising; the benefits — if it can be successfully commercialized — are obvious. It is just taking some time for the news to spread and for the potential promise to start sinking in.