Rossi: The E-Cat X Does Produce Electricity Directly (Update #2: ‘We Can Choose’ between Heat and Electricity)

Thanks to Artefact for posting this from the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Finally we get a clear answer from Andrea Rossi about what the E-Cat X is doing.

James Watt December 26th, 2015 at 5:59 AM
Dr Andrea Rossi,
Can you finally tell us if the E-Cat X is able to produce electricity directly? That would be a Christmas gift!
Happy New Year,
J. Watt

Andrea Rossi December 26th, 2015 at 8:30 AM
James Watt:
Here is the big new: yes, the E-Cat X produces directly electric power.
We are working to harness and make it work.
The E-Cat X is very, very promising, as I always said. But still: the results of the tests on course could turn out to be NEGATIVE.
Let’s work on it more and more, as it is necessary before chanting victory.
Happy New Year to you,

So there we have a clear answer finally, which has been hinted at for months now, and being able to generate electricity directly makes the E-Cat an even more fascinating technology and takes LENR to a whole new level. This also gives some context to Rossi’s comments yesterday where he said he plans to manufacture E-Cats in the same way that common electrical components are produced today.

There are of course new questions that come up now, such as how much electricity is being produced, and how much energy input (if any) is needed. Rossi has talked about stacking E-Cats together (like Lego blocks) to produce any level of power needed, and to scale it down where it can produce a few watts only.

This sets up 2016 to be more interesting than ever. The mind boggles at the possibilities — we are at the very beginnings here, and who knows where this could now lead. My guess is that there will be a long period of testing (Rossi has said this test will need to go on for six months at least) before we can think of production, so maybe 2016 will be another year of waiting as far as the E-Cat X goes.

UPDATE #1 (Dec 26, 2015)

I followed up on the JONP with a couple of questions:

1. Is the amount of electricity being produced at the moment large enough to be practical and useful?
2. Is there an external input of power required to maintain the production this electricity?

Andrea Rossi
December 26th, 2015 at 10:35 AM
Frank Acland:
1- yes and the efficiency is very high
2- yes and the COP is very high
But attention: this comes from a work made this last night so it is too soon to chant victory.
Maybe it breaks up. Right now I am on the E-Cat X and it works making heat and electricity. I hope it is not a dream of half Winter.
Warm Regards

UPDATE #2 (Dec 26, 2015)

As expected, there are more questions being sent to Andrea Rossi on the JONP on his latest revelation. Rossi is being cautious about declaring victory, but he is obviously very excited about the breakthrough, saying that the E-Cat X is going “beyond any expectancy”.

He provided an interesting response to a question by Hank Mills who asked, “When the COP of the E-Cat X (in terms of electrical output) is high, does the COP (only considering heat output) also remain high?” Ross responded, “obviously”. I followed up with this question:

“In the E-Cat X now, which is greater: the heat output, or electricity output?”


Andrea Rossi
December 26th, 2015 at 9:57 PM
Frank Acland:
We can choose.
Warm Regards,