Rossi Planning a Commercial (as Well as Technological) Revolution

Now Andrea Rossi has made an apparently spectacular breakthrough with the E-Cat he seems to be turning his mind not just to technological revolution, but commercial revolution. Here are some comments he made yesterday on this topic.

“My dream is a product for everybody that makes everybody make money with it. I am also studying a commercial system that will allow everybody to make money with the E-Cat. I dream a product that extends the benefits of it to everybody. Until I will not arrive to this point my work will not have been terminated.I want to make not only a revolution in the energy field, but also in the commercial field. F9.”

“I am preparing a commercial revolution to make of the E-Cat a money maker for a mass of persons. A totally new commercial system fit for the E-Cat.
Let me study on this.I have an idea, but it too is maturing.”

“To explain I give just 2 examples:
1- example of pruduct that has made everybody make money: the computer
2- example of small individual entity that developed such a product and grew up: Apple
About the particulars of what we are setting up ( F9) it is not the case to disclose them now”.

Andrea Rossi has always been interested in making a practical difference in people’s lives with his technology, and not just success in the laboratory. Now, in additional to making products, it sounds like he is thinking of ways to change the world of commerce, and making everyone wealthy with the E-Cat. This is quite a tall order indeed.

But maybe not so surprising, or far fetched. I have always thought that if we could get products into the marketplace that made the production of energy a trivial thing in terms of expense and complexity, that our whole economic system would need to change, as so much of the cost the goods and services we used is based on the cost of the energy needed to provide them.

I am, however, a bit confused about what Rossi means when he wants people to use the E-Cat to make money. If he means selling energy back to the grid with an E-Cat, that would not make sense if everyone has E-Cats producing excess electricity, since there would then be no need for the grid.

Maybe he’s thinking of some elaborate sales or referral plan where people can make money selling E-Cats to their neighbors and friends, thus pushing the tech quickly into the marketplace. But that wouldn’t last long, and the benefits would be mainly for the initial seller.

When Rossi gives the example of the computer and Apple as a product and company that have helped people make money, the computer has certainly had a vast economic impact, and provided great benefits around the world but I’m not so sure that Apple would be an example of a company that has helped lots of people make money. Their products are very expensive.

So I guess we’ll have to wait to find out exactly what he means here. Maybe it’s a flash in the pan idea that won’t amount to much when faced with the realities of the cold hard world of commerce — but perhaps he really will come up with something really revolutionary. For now I think this commercial plan will have to be a secondary issue. The first order of the day is going to have to get the products working successfully.