Carl Page on Most Significant Science News for 2016: "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Work And Could Supplant Fossil Fuels"

Thanks to those who have posted about this interesting post on the Edge website by Carl V. Page, a board member of Brillouin Energy, and brother of Google founder Larry Page who is now CEO of Google’s newly formed parent company Alphabet:

On the topic of interesting and important scientific news for 2016, Page states that “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Work And Could Supplant Fossil Fuels”

Here’s an excerpt:

In many experiments with LENR, observed excess heat drastically exceeds known or feasible chemical reactions. Experiments have gone from milliwatts to hundreds of watts. Ash products have been identified and quantitatively compared to energy output. High energy radiation has been observed, and is entirely different than hot fusion.

Dr. McKubre at SRI International teased out the required conditions out of the historical data. To bring forth LENR reactions that produce over-unity energy, a metal lattice heavily loaded with Hydrogen isotopes, driven far out of equilibrium by some excitation system involving proton flux and probably electromigration of lattice atoms as well.

Being a board member for Brillouin, it’s not surprising that Page cites work by Michael McKubre (also on the Brillouin board), and Brillouin founder Robert Godes. This is the work that he is most familiar with, and I am sure he wants to see it succeed.

Of course with his family ties to Google, one wonders how much his younger brother Larry might be paying attention to LENR now. The Alphabet company was formed to let Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin broaden their horizons and explore topics outside the traditional web/search field. Right now they have efforts going in areas such as longevity research, robotics, drone delivery, and capital investment. One wonders if they might see LENR as an important new area of innovation that should be explored.