Some New E-Cat Milestones Listed on (Hot Cat Safety Certification, Patent Extendability, 60 Patents Pending)

Thanks to Pekka for pointing out this section on the website (which is now described as the “Official E-Cat Website of Leonardo Corporation”) titled E-Cat Milestones (see There are many familiar events listed here but a couple of new ones to me:

July 7, 2013 – Safety Certificate of E-CAT -HT by Bureau Veritas

October 19, 2015: extension of the patentability of the US Patent in 124 Countries issued by the International Patent Office of the USPTO

Also, in the Patents section of the site ( is this note:

Leonardo Corporation and its CEO & Founder Andrea Rossi have filed the applications to extend the US Patent in all the world in accordance with the received PCT from WIPO october 2015, (ref). Besides other 60 patent applications related to all the improvements of the technology are pending.

Industrial certification by Bureau Veritas would seem to be important and useful, since it is one of the top testing and certifying agencies in the world (see: