Announcement: LENRConnect Closing, ECW Connect Opening

The social networking site LENRConnect will be closing on January 23rd, 2015.

The software license for LENRConnect (provided by Ning) is quite expensive and has not been updated for years. Plus, LENRConnect has not not getting much activity. In the beginning, I thought it might work as a collaborative platform for various LENR projects, but it didn’t really get used that way.

So I have opened a new site that could serve a similar purpose called ECW Connect — link here:

This forum runs on Vanilla forum software, which is free, and has an active base of users and developers to keep it updated. It may not have all the bells and whistles of some social sites, but it’s functional and easy to deal with — plus it is extendible

So what’s this site for? In many ways that’s up to readers. I like the idea of having a place outside of the main ECW site where people interested in LENR and the other things we discuss on ECW can gather to chat and share. ECW Connect has a private messaging system to allow for communicating with other readers. The site is private — meaning that what is posted there is not visible to the outside web. Anyone can sign up and join, but will have to abide by the terms and conditions.

The main ECW site will continue as usual, maybe this space will be like a lounge where people can drop in say hello, or post something that is maybe not on-topic for ECW. The space is there, and since it’s free it won’t be going away. But the future of ECW Connect is largely up to the members. We’ll see how things go over time. I have started out with a basic set of features. It is possible to add plugins that will give added capabilities, so please let me know if there’s some new function you’d like to see here, and I’ll see if that is feasible.

One thing I would like to emphasize — the same rules of conduct as we have in place at ECW will be in place here. So no abuse, no trolling, no pathoskepticism or otherwise unacceptable behavior. There will be more leeway here for the topics discussed, but I don’t want this space to be a place for religious or political debates. Sure, those topics will come up, but may be moderated if they get out of hand.

So everyone is welcome to join, and we’ll see how things go!

Frank Acland