Rossi Gives Some Leonardo Corporation Updates (Update: Leonardo 'Property of a US Trust')

Andrea Rossi has been talking quite a bit about his plans for the E-Cat lately, and he often mentions it in connection with the plans of Leonardo Corporation (and barely ever mentions Industrial Heat now). Here are some recent statements:

1. Website

January 6th, 2016 at 8:08 PM

Please go to
It is the new official website of Leonardo Corporation for the E-Cat.
It has been renewed substantially during the last 3 days, to prepare the new phase of Leonardo Corporation.
Leonardo Corporation will go through a process of strong development to prepare the huge work that will have to be done after the end of the tests on course. If the results will be positive, we will have a huge work to do. If they will be negative, we will have an even more huge work to do.
I think our website has been well improved. Suggestions are welcome.
Warm Regards,

2. Scientific Committee Formed

Q: About the E-Cat X and its application to a jet engine: are you working on it in collaboration with that engineer connected with an aerospace industry you mentioned recently?

Andrea Rossi

Yes. He accepted now to be part of the scientific commettee I am setting up for the future R&D of Leonardo Corporation.
Warm Regards,

3. Possible Licensing of E-Cat

Q: Your strategy will be only to produce E-Cats as final products, ready to go on the shelves, or also to produce E-Cats conceived as modules for heat generation destined to be used from other manufacturers to make any other product independently from you?

Andrea Rossi

Good question.
I thnk Leonardo Corporation will consider also the possibility you have indicated.
Warm Regards,

I followed up on this comment by asking Rossi if this signaled that Leonardo was now open to licensing E-Cat technology. He responded: “To be considered in specific situations.”

This last comment is a particularly intriguing one to me, as it opens the door for Leonardo to start providing E-Cat technology for other companies to build products around. If the E-Cat is a truly revolutionary technology (especially now with the E-Cat X producing electricity directly), I would expect there to be a great deal of interest from companies around the world who see the great potential for new and improved products based on Rossi’s technology.

If Rossi hopes for a massive diffusion of E-Cat-based product, it would very difficult for Leonardo Corporation, as a brand new company, to do all the design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of new products using the E-Cat, especially in highly specialized fields such as aerospace where big companies have so much expertise and experience already in place.

So where does all this planning for Leonardo Corporation leave the Industrial Heat connection? Perhaps they are a manufacturing or distribution licensee only, and not involved in product development. It would be interesting to learn more on that front, but it seems that Rossi is now planning to have Leonardo Corporation lead out in moving the E-Cat into the marketplace.

UPDATE: Someone on the Journal of Nuclear Physics asked about the status of Leonardo Corp:

January 10th, 2016 at 4:51 PM
Dear Andrea,
can you better clarify (if possible) who own E-Cat and who the IP, you, Leonardo Corp. , IH, Darden, some other.

Andrea Rossi
January 10th, 2016 at 5:39 PM
The Intellectual Property of the E-Cat is property of Leonardo Corporation.
Leonardo Corporation is property of a US Trust.
Warm Regards

Back in 2012 Rossi stated that Leonardo Corp. had become the property of an ‘investors trust’, so I guess that is still the case. Of course this begs the question: who are the investors behind the trust?