A Hypothesis Concerning the Connection Between the “Mössbauer Effect” and the “Rossi Effect” (Norman Cook)

The following slideshow was sent to me by Dr. Norman D. Cook, professor of Infomatics at Kensai University in Osaka, Japan. The slides accompanied a presentation that he made at the JCF16 meeting on December 11-12, 2015 in Kyoto, Japan.

Norman Cook has been collaborating with Andrea Rossi on developing a theoretical understanding of the physics behind the “Rossi Effect” in the E-Cat, and according to Rossi, Norman Cook is one of the few people who has visited the 1 MW plant where Rossi is currently working.

In the preface to this slideshow, Dr. Cook explains:

This is a preliminary version of a much more complex work that I am preparing with Andrea Rossi, based on experimental data and on more complex mathematical structure. The work with Rossi will take more time, due to the complexity of the engagement.