Financial Times References LENR (Gerrit & Ian Walker)

Thanks to Gerrit and Ian Walker for this reference to an article in the Financial Times

Financial Times: Hope springs eternal for nuclear fusion breakthrough

While the report deals mainly with hot fusion the comments on cold fusion are remarkably referencing Huw Price’s recent publication:

“While there is considerable interaction between scientists working on hot fusion, cold fusion research takes place in a world of its own. Many mainstream scientists will not touch LENR which they see as tainted by the cold fusion fiasco of 1989, when Profs Fleischmann and Pons claimed to have achieved fusion on a lab bench — an experiment that others could not reproduce. However, after more than 25 years of experimentation, several research groups have built up evidence that real nuclear reactions lay behind the pair’s results. The problem according to Professor Huw Price, a philosopher of science at Cambridge university, is that cold fusion became a “reputation trap” which most researchers avoid because they know the scientific world will not take their work seriously.” (Full article not available for free to non-subscribers)


Hi all

The Financial Times today posted an article on Fusion that finaly gives LENR a fair shake in the main stream media:

“…Lurking out in left field is a third way — utterly different in that it claims to release fusion energy in much more moderate conditions, close to room temperature. This approach, a successor to the “cold fusion” experiments carried out by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989 and now usually called “low energy nuclear reaction” or LENR, is ignored by the scientific mainstream but making progress according to devotees in labs around the world…”
Follow the link to see the article in full.

Hopefully it will also cause more research funding for LENR to materialise.

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