"This is the Impossible in a Box" — Irish Times Covers Orbo: Behind the Scenes at Steorn (Video)




“We’re trying to sell a battery that doesn’t die”

“This is the impossible in a box”

“If it works for a month it’s a very, very good battery; if it works for two months it’s bordering on magic; if it works for three months it is magic … we give a 12 month warranty”

“Our only option as a business now is to produce products, because every other avenue has failed.”

“We found that we could slow down and speed up electro-magnetic fields, which traditionally should travel at the speed of light, and when we did that we got these energy anomalies … we think we’re converting time into energy”

These are just a few quotes from Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy who hosted a journalist from the Irish Times and gave him a tour of Steorn’s Dublin facilities, showed him some of their Orbo products, and discussed their Orbo technology.

It’s a very interesting video, giving a nice idea of what’s going on at Steorn and getting some insight into what it’s been like for the company to have been dealing with intense skepticism over the past ten years since they went public with their claims.

The link to the video is here: http://bcove.me/913dte2f

At the end of the video it states that the Irish Times will be testing the Orbo cube in 2016 — so that will be another source to help establish a body of evidence about this technology. I’m hopeful that the Ocubes will begin shipping soon, and we have an order in for an Ocube for ECW testing, so we can finally get some concrete hands-on experience with this technology.

UPDATE: There’s an accompanying article to the video here at the Irish Times: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/fact-or-fiction-irish-firm-invents-everlasting-battery-1.2506832

McCarthy is quoted saying: “All that we can say is it’s not degrading or drawing on any known energy source but then there are vast swathes of energy that we call dark energy in scientific terms.”

Prof Luke Drury, a physicist at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies talked to the Irish Times and said, “Really what Steorn are saying is that they can create mass out of nothing . . . Matter and energy does not appear spontaneously out of nothing, and nor does it disappear without trace.”

More here: http://innovation.mag.irishtimes.com/