Yuri Malakhov Answers Questions about Parkhomov Replication (Video)

This video below features Russian Researcher Yuri Malakhov answering questions about replication using both Ni and LAH from which he received from Alexander Parkhomov. Malakhov was part of a team that published a successful Parkhomov replication where a COP of 2.47 was reported — see here:


Thanks to a Russian speaking friend for a translatio of some of the points made here:

– he talks about thorough mixing of Ni and LAH but does not refer to any special preparation

– carbonyl Ni was used. electrolytic Ni did not work out.

– too fine Ni is not good

– reactor must be oriented horizontally, not vertically
– size of his ceramic core is 6mm OD and 150 mm length

– he takes care to centralize the core inside the heater (not touching the heater)

– he is still working on his tests

In the report cited above the authors say that slow heating is important — they took 8-9 hours to do so.