'Substantial Progress' Being Made in Direct Electricity Production From the E-Cat X

Andrea Rossi has made a couple of general comments lately about how things are going with the E-Cat X testing, and he seems quite positive about progress. In an update yesterday he wrote:

E-Cat X: strong progress on course for the direct productin of electric power: very promising.
1 MW E-Cat: troubles during the night, but now stable.
Warm Regards,

Hank Mills then posed a question trying to get a quantification of how much electricity was being produced in relation to heat, and Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
February 2nd, 2016 at 7:04 PM
Hank Mills:
I am still not able to answer to questions related to the efficiency of the E-Cat X, but I can say that in these very days we are making substantial progress in the field of direct production of electricity.
This having been said, thank you for your insight, but add F9.
Warm Regards,

So not much detail, as is typical for Rossi, but he does seem to be increasingly optimistic regarding the E-Cat X, especially relative to electricity generation, and it seems that the recent testing to destruction of one of the E-Cat X reactors (he says two are still intact and operating) has been particularly helpful.

He wrote on Monday:

At 08.35 of Monday, February 1st 2016
1 MW E-Cat stable
E-Cat X: 2 in good standing, one destroyed leaving enormous information about the production of electric power.

Rossi was asked on the JONP what the results of the destructive testing were in terms of melting or vaporization, and the production dangerous chemicals or radiation. He replied: “The outcome of destructive tests is melting, plus other phenomenons that are restricted.”