Brilliant Light Power Post Fourth Public Demonstration Video (Becktemba)

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Brilliant Light Power posted its fourth “Demonstration Days” Video (1hr. 55min.) on its new site today. ( Dr. Randall Mills starts the demonstration with discussing a new energy source called “Hydrinos” utilized by its Brilliant Light Power’s “SunCell”. Dr. Mills reviews the physics, mechanics and economic impact of the technology with a good amount of detail.

In the description of the demonstration it states:

“The SunCell® is expected to be available for commercial use in 2017. Dr. Mills expects commercial units at volume to have a capital cost around $100 per kilowatt capacity. The units will use water as hydrogen fuel, resulting in an on-site, total generation cost of electricity of less than a cent per kilowatt-hour. The BrLP business plan promotes a leasing model for units under power purchase agreements. BrLP anticipates that SunCells® can be used to replace all power sources, such as stationary and motive sources.”

Like all emerging energy technology inventors and disruptors Dr. Mill says that the market will decide whether or not the technology works.