Orbo has Touched Down in the USA

I noted on the Orbo Update thread that I have finally been able to see the package tracking for the Orbo Ocube order I placed for testing. The package is currently in my state and I put a call in to the shipper who said that it might not get on the truck today, but it is guaranteed delivery by tomorrow. I had to pay customs duty to get the package released for shipping, and it may have been too late to get out for delivery today.

However as is often the case with Steorn there’s something of a twist in this story — which could actually turn out to be good news. I got an email from Steorn today informing me that my Ocube had inadvertently been shipped without the Li-ion battery in it. Someone had been doing some testing on my Ocube without the battery in it, and it had been placed in the wrong spot where it was picked up for shipping.

Steorn says they will ship me another complete unit right away for no extra cost and let me keep the first one for testing. So it is going to turn out that I will have two units — one with a battery and one without. I actually think this is great news, as we will be able to see how the Orbo pack works without the buffer battery — and also see how an ocube operates in regular operation.

It’s been 10 years since I first heard of Steorn and their Orbo technology, and it’s been a subject of great curiosity to me. If Steorn’s claims can be validated — that Orbo is an energy generation technology which can produce electricity from no apparent source, then I think we will have something extraordinary on our hands.

So needless to say I’m looking forward very much to getting started on the testing. I am very open to suggestions from readers here regarding testing ideas. And now with two units at our disposal it should be possible to do some interesting experiments.