Rossi: Leonardo Corp has New Factory Dedicated to E-Cat X Production

It seems that Andrea Rossi is increasing in confidence about the potential of the E-Cat X to be a viable mass-market product. This week he has talked about certain events taking place that he thinks will speed up

at 08.27 a.m. of Thursday Feb 11 2016:
1 MW E-Cat stable
E-Cat X operating and still very promising.
Surely we will work also in France. F9.
The E-Cat X is now developed in a new factory wherein Leonardo Corporation will dedicate its production.
We are already preparing the structure for a massive production, F9. I am working with a US engineer expert of the involved matter indirectly in contact with aerospace concerns. He is not involved in the 1MW issue. He is in the scientific commettee of Leonardo Corporation.
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Rossi has said that he is working in the Miami, Florida area both with the 1MW plant and the separate location where the E-Cat X testing has been done. I’m not sure if this factory is the same location as where the initial E-Cat X work has been done but it’s a possibility. He also has said recently that there are separate teams working on the 1MW plant and E-Cat X now.

As far as the timing of getting the E-Cat into the marketplace, here is another Q&A that gives an indication of Rossi’s confidence in getting the E-Cat to market speedily:

Q: 49% chance that the E-Cat will be industrialized by 2016: is it too high a figure?

Andrea Rossi
February 10, 2016 at 9:32 AM
No, it is not too high a figure.
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We know that Rossi has very often been optimistic in his projections about the speed at which things happen, so I don’t think we can hang too much on what he says here, but it does sound like he’s going all out to reach his lifetime goal of being a revolutionary energy industrialist. I think we should consider that he is in the latter part of his working life (not that I think he’ll ever stop working), and he surely has the motivation to work as hard and fast as he can to realize his lifetime goals.