Industrial Heat the Only Remaining E-Cat Licensee?

Thanks to Artefact for posting this Q&A between Gerard McEk and Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today:

Gerard McEk February 21, 2016 at 6:26 AM
Dear Andrea, I have some questions if I may, all assuming F9 = positive.

1- You said that IH is licensed to produce E-cats for the Americas and China. Does that also include E-cat X’s (in the future)?
AR: yes

2- Is it right to assume that the rest of the world will be supplied by the Leonardo Company?
AR: yes

3- I believe you mentioned that Sweden will have a production plant for Europe. Do you intend to produce E-cats at more locations in Europe and Asia?
AR: eventually yes if opportune

4- You work strongly together with a jet specialist. Do you expect to test an E-cat jet this year?
AR: yes

So from Rossi’s responses here it would seem that only one licensee now: Industrial Heat, with Leonardo Corp. taking up the rest of the world. We have heard that over the last few years that some early licensees had there licenses bought back The only other licensees I am aware of that were still existing were E-Cat Australia, and Hydro Fusion (in Sweden). But lately Hydro Fusion seem to have become more closely aligned with Leonardo Corporation, as their website is now the official site of Leonardo Corporation. The Hydro Fusion website (here: states “Being Andrea Rossi’s North European Licensee Group, we play an important role in the commercialization of both ECAT-plants and ECAT-home units.”

E-Cat Australia seems now to have changed its website — now they have this site:, and the name of the site is E-Cat Solutions.

So it’s still a bit confusing to me about how all the business arrangements behind the E-Cat work.