]Rossi's European Patent Application Includes New Details [Updated with New Provisional Patent Application] (Ecco)

Many thanks to Ecco for posting this news.

In other news, here’s Rossi’s european patent application for his “Fluid Heater” patent:


Interesting excerpt that I don’t remember being in the US patent:

In one embodiment, the reagents are placed in the reaction chamber at a pressure of 3-6 bar and a temperature of from 400 C to 600 C. An anode is placed at one side of the reactor and a cathode is placed at the other side of the reactor. This accelerates electrons between them to an extent sufficient to have very high energy, in excess of 100 KeV. Regulation of the electron energy can be carried out by regulating the electric field between the cathode and the anode .

UPDATE: Here’s another comment by Ecco

More interesting information from the provisional US patent application 61/999,682 linked in the WIPO page for this european patent application.