E-Cat Test Result Guess (Peter Gluck)

Thanks to Barty for sharing this post from Peter Gluck’s Ego Out website.


Let’s be sure we put this in firmly in the RUMOR category for now. Peter does not say how or where he gets his information, or if it is just a flight of imagination. Hopefully he will clarify soon — I will try to get in touch with him.

Peter writes:

Think about these Mottoes and try to answer to this- how many words worth can be a very significant Number?
Let’s take 21 – it happens to be exactly the half of Douglas Adams’ hyper-magic number- and in this case it is – at least I hope so- the global- and average COP of the Rossi-Industrial Heat 1MW LENR plant communicated by the ERV. The plant has delivered 8400000 kWh energy to the Customer who confirms this value officially and has consumed a few kWatts less than 400000.

UPDATE: I heard back from Peter who says that this is just a guess on his part. I have changed the title of the post to reflect that.