DIY Cold Fusion Experimenter Claims COP 11 with a NaOH Electrolysis System

Here’s a different type of cold fusion experiment that has been posted on the YouTube channel in which a German researcher named Andi demonstrates how he has conducted a an experiment using a tungsten cathode and an electrolyte made up of 90 per cent water, and 10 per cent NaOH (sodium hydroxide). Here’s a screenshot that gives an overview of the experiment:


In the video (which has an English spoken translation) Andi spends a lot of time showing how he calculates energy in/energy out — and comes to a conclusion that he has achieved a COP of 11.

Instructions for the experiment can be found here:

The video can be seen below. Note that the whole setup is very DIY/Homemade, and personally I would not attempt such an experiment in my home. There are clear safety warnings in the YouTube video.