Rossi Addresses Health Concerns (Update: After "Hundreds of Measurement Campaigns, No Ionizing Radiation Outside E-Cats")

In recent photos of Andrea Rossi some have mentioned that he is looking leaner than usual, and have expressed concern over his health, especially since he has been working a grueling schedule of 16-18 hour days inside a shipping container for the last year without a break. Rossi has mentioned that since the ending of the test he has been getting some health check-ups, and today a question on the JONP today was posted asking Rossi about his health:

How are going your clinic check ups ? We need you. If something goes wrong, is there people able to go on without you?

Andrea responded in a candid way:

Jed Orwell:
I continue to lose weight and we do not understand why. As I said, the 16 -18 hours per day for 352 days and nights in the plant came at a price. I am going to make a lot of “scopies” you name one, I scope it, but I feel well and work my 12 hours per day on my E-Cats; today another important loophole with the E-Cat quark-X.
Anyway: yes, I am ready to pass to my Team all the skills necessary to make without me, just in case. But I never in my life worked as well as I am doing during these days. Obviously, the faster we go, the better. Until the horse is good, better ride him.
Warm Regards,

That he continues to lose weight does sound like some cause for concern, but it sounds like Rossi feels welll and continues to work at a hectic pace, and it sounds like important progress is being made. It is hard to even think of the E-Cat without its inventor in the picture. Rossi seems to be the kind of person who will work as long as he possibly can, but of course he knows, and we know, that he cannot be there forever, and making plans to pass on his knowledge is a critically important thing to do.

I hope and pray that any health issues Andrea may have can be treated successfully, and that he can continue to do the work he lives for, and that can bring important benefits to all of us.

UPDATE: (Mar 8, 2016)

Today Andrea Rossi wrote this:

Andrea Rossi

Dorthey Kasky:
I am very happy to answer, because today arrived all the results of the analysis and I made two very important visits to see carefully through the critical issues: the results are totally good. I have nothing SERIOUS. As I was convinced of, I am perfectly healthy and now that I work normally I will recover my weight too.
I was worried, so today has been a good day.
Thank you for your concern,
Warm Regards,

UPDATE: (Mar 9, 2016)

Rossi responded to a question about whether he was a ‘Guinea pig’ in these tests:

Andrea Rossi
March 8, 2016 at 11:01 PM
Blake Woge:
The E-Cats are safe and I have not been a Guinea pig.
Since the beginning of the collaboration with Prof. Sergio Focardi, he teached to me how to work safe with this matter, and I never exposed myself, let alone my teams, to any risk. Not a single person of my teams in all these years had any problem to his health due to our work. All the measurements made to our plants have always confirmed that we do not have ionizing radiations outside the E-Cats and in the environment around above the background; we made hundreds of measurement campaigns on the E-Cats.
The problems to my health turned out to be due by the tremendous stress I passed through, working day and night and now I am rapidly recovering my normal status.