IH International Holdings Limited — A Tom Darden Directed Company Registered (Update: Rossi Comments on Licensees, E-Cat Ownership)

UPDATE: (March 9, 2016)

Andrea Rossi has commented on this finding on the JONP:

Andrea Rossi
March 8, 2016 at 7:52 PM
Erik Tegnersson:
I received many other comments and emails of the same tenor and with this comment I answer to all, spamming all the other comments and emails on the matter, not to lose precious time.
While, as you correctly say, many people are now speculating that Industrial Heat has expanded their licensed Territory and/or acquired the license for the United Kingdom, such speculation is without merit.
At this time, there has been no change to the Territory licensed to Industrial Heat, LLC or any of its affiliated companies.
Leonardo Corporation remains the owner of ALL the E- Cat related intellectual property and continues to work with multiple licenses, including the great Swedish Team of Hydrofusion ( one of our pillars ) throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
Warm Regards,
Dr Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corporation.

Thanks to Barty for posting about a great find on the LENR-Forum here:

A company has been registered in the United Kingdom called IH Holdings International Limited. The listed officers are Thomas Francis Darden II and John Anthony Mazzarino. Both of these officers list their address as 111 East Hargett Street, Suite 300, Raleigh, North Carolina — which is the address of Cherokee Investment Partners and Industrial Heat, LLC.

Documents dated May 9, 2015 titled A Private Company Limited By Shares Resolution, and Articles of Association are also posted in a PDF document here Or here: https://www.e-catworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/IHinternationalapplication-pdf.pdf

The Starting on page 2 of this document are listed the names of the following individuals, companies and organizations — some of which have signatures included:

Brickhaven II, LLC
Atwood Partners, Ltd.
JT Vaughn
Hamilton Group, LLC
Atwood Advisors, LLC
The 2007 Henry Rice Kaestner Living Trust
Deep River Ventures, LLC
Briarcliff Trust
The 2008 Thomas R Sloan Living Trust
The Universal Guaranty Life Insurance Company
Stuart M Frantz
Griffin Family Holdings Company, LLC
Jesse T Correll
Ellison Capital II, LLC
JPIH Holdings, LLC
Hady Hartanto
Calimus, LLC
Ampenergo Inc
The 2013 Haynes G. Griffin Living Trust
Atwood IH, LLC

Barty points out that the Briarcliff Trust is owned by Brad Pitt. There is another Brad Pitt connection, as the executive director of Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation is Tom Darden III, Son of Tom Darden CEO of Cherokee.

It’s interesting that we have a separate IH company registered in the United Kingdom. Andrea Rossi has said that IH has the license for commercializing the E-Cat in the Americas and China (maybe other territories), and it seems that Leonardo Corp. will be operating in the UK. Rossi also said recently that the company that bought the first E-Cat X plant is from the UK — which makes me now wonder if that company could be IH Holdings International. Anyway, there are lots of new connections here to the E-Cat which I am sure people will now begin to explore.