Six Years of Rossi's Thoughts Visualized (Matt Sevrens)

The following post has been submitted by Matt Sevrens

The Mind of Andrea Rossi Visualized Over Time

With MFMP’s recent discoveries regarding the possibility of gamma emissions and lead being used to thermalize these emissions, what’s most striking to me is that most if not all of this information is and has been on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in plain sight for years.

What I realize is that despite the vast reservoir of knowledge there, the majority of LENR followers don’t have the tools to easily search through Rossi’s thoughts to find patterns and useful pieces of information that could assist with replications. Therefore, I’ve put together the following interactive visualization based on six years of content available on the JoNP:

Much like a stream, thought ebbs and flows over time. Some days the mind is active and flowing with ideas, on others it is but a trickle. Hence I find a good way to visualize thought is a stream graph. In this particular visualization, I have cut up Rossi’s thoughts into words and made counts of the various words that Rossi has used over the last six years. Furthermore I have enabled the capacity to load and read any thought containing any topic Rossi has discussed. Simply select the words you’re interested in the dropdown, click and drag the upper section of the graph to select a time period and then click load thoughts to load the posts you’re interested in. If you would like to view any post in context simply click on the date in each post.

Some potential topics to explore: cop, ssm, 62ni, 64, ni, lithium, gamma, lead, shielding, mossbauer, (stable, troubles), (mw, plant), (positive, negative), hot, lenr, thermal, steam, electricity, hydrogen, lugano, parkhomov