Woodford Management Comment on Industrial Heat Investment

Neil Woodford and others of Woodford Investment Management LLP, the UK investment fund that has invested around $50 million in Industrial Heat LLC, recently held a Q&A with investors and interested persons regarding their investment portfolios. A couple of questions came up regarding their investment in Industrial Heat, and in both cases the questions were answered with the same statement from Paul Farrow, one of the site moderators:

We are patient capital investors. Industrial Heat is currently working with numerous scientists and is acquiring both the technology and teams required to maximise the potential of new energy technologies.
The company recently said that it is willing to invest time and resources to see if this technology might be an area of useful research in its quest to eliminate pollution. We share this quest for what we believe will be a significant development and exploitation of new energy sources.


Neil Woodford himself did not respond to the questions about Industrial Heat, and it looks to me like this statement was prepared ahead of time to deal with questions about IH. It reads rather like the recent Industrial Heat statement in its blandness and lack of specificity. There’s not even a mention of LENR here, let alone the E-Cat.