New Huw Price Article: "Is The Cold Fusion Egg About to Hatch"?

Huw Price, Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy and a fellow of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge has written a new article on the website about LENR, and how he thinks it could be ready to explode on the world scene. The article is titled “Is the cold fusion egg about to hatch?” and can be read here:

Dr Price refers to an article he wrote three months ago titled: “The Cold Fusion Horizon” in which he talked about the “reputation trap” the field suffers from — meaning that discussion of the subject is so taboo, that people steer clear of the topic to avoid tarnishing their reputations.

He writes:

Not surprisingly, some readers weren’t convinced. Some concerned commentators even worried about what the piece would do to my own reputation. So, three months later, am I having any regrets?

On the contrary, the story has become even more interesting, in my view. I want to offer some updates for readers who weren’t persuaded last time that these developments were worth following for themselves. And I want to sound a note of caution for anyone who still feels confident that they can continue to ignore the field. If LENR is on the verge of a comeback, the reputation trap will turn inside out very, very quickly. No one wants to be the last ostrich to pull its head out of the sand. You have been warned!

He goes on to mention many of the developments we have discussed here, such as the conclusion of Rossi’s E-Cat test, the MFMP’s claims of X-rays being a signal for LENR, and the recent statement from Industrial Heat about their continued work in the LENR field.

He sees the signs as being positive regarding the emergence of important developments in cold fusion, and ends with a challenge:

We don’t know how this story ends, but with the players now involved, it is hard to see how it could be anything but interesting. Perhaps it’s time for the science media of the world to find some backbone, face down the reputation trap, and start paying attention?