Rossi: Leonardo 'Warship' Ready With Robotics to Rapidly Produce Low Price E-Cats, 'Burn Out' Competition

Andrea Rossi has said recently that his biggest problem is the size of his potential market, and it got me thinking. The need for energy is universal, and who would not want a source of energy that is much cheaper than what is currently available, and clean and green at the same time. So I asked him about that on the JONP this morning:

“Frank Acland March 25, 2016 at 7:18 AM
Dear Andrea,
You said recently that your problem is the multitude of your potential customers. I think this could be a major challenge, as when people realize what your E-Cats can do, the demand will be huge. You will essentially be starting from nothing, to where you need to be producing millions of units a year immediately to meet expectations. Can you realistically do it? Or should we be prepared for very long waiting lists for delivery of E-cat products?
Best wishes,
Frank Acland

“Andrea Rossi March 25, 2016 at 9:21 AM
Frank Acland:
Leonardo Corporation is prepared and ready.
The deliveries of all the robotized lines will be fast, Rossi added this phrase later [I already signed the MOU] the factory is already ready and I designed the E-Cat QuarkX in a way that will ease the manufacturing, because I have designed it together with the robot experts I am working with and the electronic engineers I am making with the prototypes.
Leonardo Corporation is ready, do not worry. We will be very fast with the distribution, because we want to burn out ALL our possible competitors, whose only strategy I can see is hope to be ready to copy our products, pretending they will have invented them. They will be beaten in two fronts: patent violation and price: Leonardo Corporation will start immediately with very low prices, due to the massive production they will not be ready to do. I have pretty good intelligence about all what is happening around, what really is behind the chatters and there is nobody ready with any structure necessary to compete with us, let alone a product. Leonardo Corporation will have warships, they will have paper ships, made of the same substance of my paper ships I used to make and test in the fountain of the zoo of Milan ( Milano, Italy ) when I was 4 years old.

Rossi added this sentence later:

This having been said, I must add that there is also some competitor that is working very seriously and upon technology really different from ours: but they don’t talk, as I did until 2011.

F8, F9.
Warm Regards, A.R.”

Rossi is saying here that all the necessary preparations have been made. He has mentioned before that the robotics partner he has been working with is ABB Robotics who are one of the most advanced Robotics countries in the world with much experience in making automated manufacturing lines.

He seems confident that the low-cost/rapid distribution strategy will make it impossible for him to be matched by competitors. I wonder if he sees the other companies that are being supported by Industrial Heat/Lux Energy as his main competitors.