A Petition for the Publication of the 350 Day E-Cat Report (Hank Mills)

The following post has been submitted by Hank Mills

If an E-Cat in a shipping container produces a megawatt of power for a year and the parties involved don’t publish a report about it, did it really produce a single BTU of excess heat?

The answer to this question depends on who you are and how closely you have been following this saga. If you are one of the tiny minority of human beings on this planet who have intently tracked the development, evolution, and replications of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, the answer is that the plant undoubtedly did produce massive excess heat.

This is the only logical conclusion for those of us who have studied repeated test reports documenting kilowatts of excess heat production, long periods of self-sustained operation without input, and “melt downs” (during intentional destructive trials) in which high temperature ceramic reactor casings melted. Independent replications of the effect (via Alexander Parkhomov, Songsheng Jiang, and others) also demonstrate the enormous power production that results from heating a properly processed mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4) to high temperatures in a suitable vessel. Knowing all of the above, since Andrea Rossi has told us he is pleased with the results, we can conclude the plant functioned as expected.

If you are a one of a fairly small number of skeptopaths suffering from an obsessive compulsive yearning to twist reality in order to denigrate, belittle, and dismiss the technology, a comprehensive report signed by all parties involved would not persuade you to change your opinion. You will continue to maintain that the E-Cat isn’t real; Andrea Rossi has perpetuated a massive con; everyone else involved is simply ignorant and deluded. You will not only seek to thoroughly naysay the E-Cat in all it’s variations into obscurity, you will probably continue to perform character assassination against everyone who provides any support towards moving the technology closer towards the marketplace.

However, if you are part of the mainstream of humanity and have yet to be introduced to the E-Cat technology (or only have a shallow knowledge of the LENR field), the withholding of publishing of a comprehensive report signed by all parties involved will have an important impact your opinion of what took place in that shipping container over the 350 day test. The lack of a report will keep you ignorant of the subject, or make you wonder if Rossi’s statements hold any weight at all, by themselves without any third party verification by Industrial Heat, the Customer, or the ERV (Expert Responsible for Validation).

Most likely, the lack of a report would keep you cruising forward on the same course you are today; if your interested in alternative energy sources, that means you will probably continue to follow solar and wind power. Cold fusion/LENR would remain an unproven or discredited field in your view, where most grandiose claims are rarely backed up with adequate evidence. Conversely, a positive report jointly released by all parties involved would make you take notice, however.

If Rock solid proof of a dirt cheap source of portable, compact, and clean nuclear energy would come forward, you would be at least enough to entice you to investigate – perhaps even contact the parties involved. Before long, you’ll be spreading the word and telling others that a true breakthrough in the energy field has taken place, and that the E-Cat has shattered the existing energy paradigm.

If a verified report is brought forward to the public, it will confirm that what happened in the shipping container is truly world changing.

Andrea Rossi has stated that he has received and is very pleased with the report. In response to one of my questions, he agreed that he would not be so if radiation had been detected from any of the reactors, any unstable transmutation products had been found in the used fuel, or the COP had been under the long-term goal of six (6).

Basically, this tells those of us who have been following this story that this technology is ready and set of broad and widespread adoption. Cold Fusion, once labeled as nothing but snake oil and pseudo-scientific “woo woo,” is ready to start terraforming the entire energy landscape of planet Earth. Oil, coal, natural gas, bio-fuels, photo-voltaic, wind, and every other energy technology is now as obsolete as the caveman’s wood burning camp fire.

With the capability to produce electricity directly (perhaps via acting as a thermionic generator) the very near term potential of the E-Cat rivals the warp cores and fusion reactors of science fiction movies. The time travel enabling Mr. Fusion from Back To The Future and the anti-matter deuterium power plant of the Starship Enterprise now have a counterpart in real life. Not in the twenty fourth century, not elsewhere in the galaxy, and not in some futuristic timeline only accessible with Doc Brown’s Delorean: but here on our planet today in 2016.

The truth that the E-Cat exists, works, and is ready to quench human civilization’s ongoing thirst for energy is something everyone deserves to know about. I hereby urge Andrea Rossi of Leonardo Corporation, Tom Darden of Industrial Heat, the third party ERV, and the customer (in whose factory the one megawatt plant operated) to release the most full and unedited version of the report they possibly can, immediately.

The report should contain all data and information that would lend credibility to the reality of this technology.

The report should be signed by all parties involved with the test in order to enhance its clout and credibility. By having all parties sign on, the false rumors of a “rift” between any of them could also be put to rest. Almost as importantly as proving the reality and functionality of the technology, showing a unified front of organizations working jointly towards the common goal of industrializing the E-Cat would send an important message to the world.

I now present a challenge to the E-Cat World and LENR community as a whole. The obvious truth is that all the parties whom are involved in the report read this site – most likely on a daily basis. Please show your support of my request by making a comment below. If you want the report to be released immediately, in the least redacted form possible, signed onto by all parties involved, and with at least a description of the “Rossi Effect” to help and motivate replicators, then please show your support.

Together, we can politely, respectfully, yet boldly raise our voice by making this article the most commented on in the history of E-Cat World. If you want to see the report released soon, let’s prove we’re capable of producing some heat of our own.

Hank Mills
Publisher, The Energy Mill