Norway's Aftenposten Newspaper Looks at Leif Holmlid's LENR System as Possible Energy Solution

Norway’s daily newspaper Aftenposten has published a new article about the possibilities of LENR as a new form of energy. The article by focuses on the work of Leif Holmlid (Universtity of Gothenburg, Sweden) and Svein Olafsson (University of Iceland) who last year published an article “Spontaneous ejection of high-energy particles from ultra-dense deuterium” in the journal International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

The Aftenposten article looks at the potential of Holmlid’s work who estimatates that his LENR system, if developed, could supply a country like Norway with its energy needs with 100 kg deuterium. 100 kg of deuterium costs at current rates no more than 700,000 Norwegian Krone — mentioning that this would be a problem for Norway that lives on oil. Svein Olafsson thinks that Holmlid’s work is worthy of a Nobel prize.

A critique of Holmlid’s work is provided by Dieter Röhrich of the University of Bergen who is skeptical, and thinks that the results are most likely in error and a product of wishful thinking. Holmild counters by saying in his opinion 95 per cent of LENR findings have been luck or experimental error, but 5 per cent are scientifically valid.

The article can be found here (Google translated from original Norwegian)