Market Analyst: Saudi Arabia may Invest in LENR

Stephen Pope is the founder and managing partner at Spotlight Ideas, a market analysis company that provides private market analysis service and also publishes analyses on its site.

Stephen Pope has published an article which appears on the Trading Floor website titled “Saudi Arabia prepares to break oil-wealth dependency” in which he looks at the recent move of Saudi Arabia to set up a new sovereign wealth fund to diversify its investments and get away from dependency upon its oil wealth alone.

One of the areas of energy diversification that Mr. Pope speculates could be attractive for the Saudis to invest in is LENR. He writes:

A potential avenue that could be explored is that of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or Lattice Enabled Nanoscale Reactions (LENR). This is a chemical/physical event where anomalous amounts of heat are generated when certain metals absorb hydrogen or deuterium and an external stimulus such as an electric current is directly applied.

A potential partner for KSA to partner with is Industrial Heat LLC that was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. This firm has already been granted the license to sell and manufacture energy catalysers “E-Cats” in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, I do not think it unreasonable to envisage the Saudis looking for partners to help start laying the groundwork for commercialisation of LENR within the Kingdom and for export overseas.

So we see that the LENR is now getting some more notice by those who are paying attention to current geopolitics and the financial markets. Neil Woodford, manager of Woodford Capital Management in the UK is another, and he has already invested around $50 million into Industrial Heat.