UK Consults on "Energy Revolution"

The following post has been submitted by MW

I want to bring to the attention of E-Cat World Readers that the UK Parliament is running a consultation about disruptive or revolutionary energy technologies. Please follow this link for details:

Anybody can respond to the consultation, you can do it online and can also submit videos and even tweets. The question is simply this:

“Which innovations have the greatest potential to revolutionise energy markets, and why?”

This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed to communicate to members of the UK government that LENR/Cold Fusion is far from dead – as most of them probably assume it is. I thought some readers might like to respond.

I have a lot of dealings with the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change and I can honestly say they (or their predecessor departments) have never been as receptive to new technology ideas as they are now. I believe there has finally been a realisation that CCS (carbon capture and storage) is unworkable and that conventional new nuclear such as the European Pressure Reactor is incredibly expensive and difficult to deliver considering all the safety features we now want.

I would readers to seize this opportunity to build some momentum in the minds of our policy makers and take 5 minutes to respond – more responses means more attention and there will be many competing technologies clamouring for that.