Mats Lewan Expects ERV Report Publication Soon, Close to Making Decision on Symposium (Update: Rossi "100% Sure Report Will be Published")

Mats Lewan has posted a new article on his An Impossible Invention website where he reviews the latest news about the E-Cat.

His article is here:

Mats is positive about the developments. He states “The good part is that all this info now is public, that the one-year 1MW was successful, and that commercially viable LENR is here to stay, and that it will change the world.”

In addition to reviewing the news we discovered from the court case documents and the Leonardo press release, he adds a few interesting points:

He says that he has heard independent information (not from Rossi) about people connected to IH “actively trying to engage experts in the field to work on replication of Rossi’s effect, while telling various stories about Rossi”

He also writes:

“We will probably soon see the full report that was delivered to Rossi and Darden on March 29.”

“As for the New Energy World Symposium, I’m very close to take the final decision to hold the event now.”

Mats has always said that he won’t hold the symposium unless the ERV report is ‘clearly positive.’ So from what Mats is saying he expects the report to be published openly.

UPDATE: Andrea Rossi on the JONP responded to this question: ” Dear Dr. Rossi, What’s going to happen to the pubblication of the report, with the recent litigation on course ?”

Andrea Rossi
April 7, 2016 at 9:20 AM
We are going to publish it as soon as my attorney gives me green light. I am sure 100% it will be published.
Warm Regards,