Mats Lewan's Take on the Rossi/IH Affair (Update: Another Possible Scenario Considered)

UPDATE (April 12, 2016)

Mats has posted another article, this time looking as another hypothesis in the dispute between Andrea Rossi and Industrial heat. This time he examines the possibility that the results of 1MW plant test on the E-Cat were not satisfactory — either there was a low COP, or Industrial Heat found flaws in the test, and/or IH did not want to pay Rossi the $89 million until he had transferred to them the know-how of how to achieve high E-Cat performance (IH has said that they have not been able to “substantiate” Andrea Rossi’s claims)

The article is here:


April 9, 2016

Mats Lewan has posted an new article on his An Impossible Invention blog in which he lays out his hypothesis about what he thinks has taken place in the Leonardo/Industrial Heat affair. Here’s the link to the article.

Mats says this is just his opinion on analyzing the facts at his disposal, and he doesn’t claim any special inside information here. His basic hypothesis is that fairly soon after Rossi and Cherokee made the deal, Rossi did not like how things were going, and he prepared well ahead of time to file a lawsuit on the exact day when the agreed-upon $89 million was due after the conclusion of the 1 MW test.

Mats believes that Rossi probably wants to get out of the relationship, and get back E-Cat manufacturing rights for the whole world, and this non-payment gives him the justification to do so.

Mats does concede that he could be wrong, and that perhaps the non-payment comes down to the fact that IH simply could not come up with the $89.

We still have to hear IH’s defense. Their press release was very vague, simply mentioning that they could not “substantiate” Rossi’s claims, and that Rossi had “repeatedly breached” unspecified license agreements. These points will probably be key points in their defense.

At some point we should learn more about the IH defense, but Mats Lewan thinks this could all take years to be resolved.