Me356 Video Shows Claimed Moment of Excess Heat

Thanks to artefact and LENR G for posting the following information made by LENR replicator Me356 (he works somewhere in Europe and is a colleague of Bob Greenyer).

At about the 15 second mark in this video is the apparent onset of excess heat

LENR G wrote:

Here is the link to his more definitive post:

Says he can turn excess heat on/off at will. The heating from the core is unmistakable assuming he is accurately reporting information.

Key quotes from me356:

“Can any skeptic explain me, how this can be achieved (other than with some source of heat) if you have no heater inside? And to maintain this for at least few minutes…?

Note that the glow was even 2 times further from the heater during the highest COP. Normally glow ends just under heater due to thermal conductivity.

Also note, that temperatures of the heater are very same in both cases.

Power was also very same.”

Pretty exciting.