Perpetual Motion Unveiled (Mike Rion)

The following post has been submitted by Mike Rion

I am not a scientist so my conclusions may be wrong or even naïve, but: free energy, overunity, cold fusion, LENR, LANR, Brown’s Gas, N-Machine; these and many others are all re-occurring themes in modern times which seem to elude to something that used to be referred to simply as “perpetual motion”.

In other words, the idea that through some magical process more energy is being produced by some random physical process than what is applied initially. It’s a general concept and one which, to me, seems not only patently misleading, but totally false in its premises.

To my understanding the entire Universe is made up of only two things, matter and energy. The later can be derived from the former, while the latter can also be turned back into the former. Of course there is a case to be made that they are both the same thing, but more importantly there is but a finite amount of both in that same Universe.

The way I see it, one type of energy or matter can be used to create another, but it requires an equal input of either energy or matter to create the other. Nothing is ever actually added or lost, simply altered from one state to the other. The only real question is under what circumstance or natural law one is turned into the other or vice versa and where the amount of input actually originates from.

Throughout human and pre-human history man has constantly discovered new kinds and sources of energy. I’m certain that whichever branch of our family tree first learned to control fire was amazed at how much more he received than what it took to maintain a glowing hearth. A simple spark from a piece of flint to light it and fuel was generally lying about everywhere, there just for the taking. In return he was able to stay warm on a cold night and cook his food, not to mention the myriad other benefits eventually derived, benefits, which served to advance man first from the stone-age into the bronze-age and then, finally, well into the Iron-age and beyond, advancement that would otherwise have been impossible.

When the first water wheel was put into operation it must have seemed like free energy, a real overunity device. Who would have thought that such a large amount of kinetic energy could be captured from a peaceful, burbling brook? But wait, we’re not through yet because next we learn to manufacture a new form of energy using a variation of that same water wheel, electricity, one type of energy derived from another, a remarkably useful new energy derived all but free of charge from the natural flow of water, a flow previously unexploited, miraculous overunity it would seem.

Then we move on to, first the steam engine and then, the combustion engine, both credited with saving huge amounts of labor on the part of man. That must have seemed like free energy too at the time created from plentiful coal and a previously worthless natural substance called oil, even more, seemingly inexhaustible energy, free for the taking.

Then enter stage left–nuclear energy. Who could have fathomed the amount of power hiding within the simple, but seemingly impossible act of artificially splitting an Atom? Imagine all of that power just sitting in there, free for the taking, a gift from nature waiting to be exploited, seeming overunity free for the taking.

I’m sure most of you have seen where I’m heading with this. Who is to say that we’ve exhausted all the new sources of natural occurring, seemingly free energy within our sphere of existence? To the contrary, I suspect we’ve only just scratched the surface and each new discovery will seem at first like overunity or free energy, even if in fact it is not. Tesla theorized that the aether all around us contained vast amounts of energy there waiting to be tapped. Similarly, current experiments in overunity posit that resonance vibrations, present in virtually inexhaustible supplies throughout the magnetosphere, solar system and even the entire Universe, can be converted to electrical and heat energy.

But even then it is not a question of more energy being produced than is being used. It’s only a matter of where that energy originates, how it is sourced and how difficult it is to capture.

Moreover this idea easily accounts for the existence of cold fusion, LENR or LANR. It’s simply the next in a long line of new energy sources to be discovered and exploited by man. And who knows what undesirable side effects its production may elicit, before the next, cleaner source of energy is discovered at some time in the future? I for one have never been too concerned about pollution or global warming. It is only a matter of a moment in time until cheaper, cleaner, easier to control forms of energy are discovered to replace what we have now. After all the Universe is full of energy, we only need to figure out how to better harness it for our own needs.

Mike Rion