Jed Rothwell: Industrial Heat Don't Believe ERV Report

Jed Rothwell has been quite active on the Vortex-l forum talking about the current situation between Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat. He says that he is in touch with IH and that they have been talking to him about the ERV report.

Here is what he posted in this message today:

“They say the one-year test did not work. Believe me, that is what they say.

“Yes, the ERV report said the gadget works. That is what the lawsuit papers say. I.H. disagrees with ERV report.

“Let me try to clear up a few points of confusion regarding this subject.

“I did not mean I know there is a second, formal report. I just meant that I.H. has sent experts, and they disagree with the Penon report. I know they have written a report. I don’t know if it is another official ERV listed in
the contract.”

So this is a very strange turn of events. It’s one thing to argue over the contents of the license agreement, but to challenge the content and conclusion of the person who was authorized to take measurements in the test and report results is something very different.

Basically it sounds to me like IH is not disputing that ERV Penon wrote a very positive report — Jed Rothwell is saying that they don’t believe it.

Jed Rothwell is saying here that IH has been taking its own measurements from experts who disagree with the conclusions of Fabio Penon. Who are these experts? What measurements did they take? On what grounds do they disagree with Penon? These are the questions that will have to be asked.

Interestingly AR has said that there has been continuous 24/7 hour video surveillance of the test. He also has said that he set up his own measurement system, using the exact same meters as the ERV, and putting them in series with those of the ERV. He said his results were the same as the ERV (within the margin of error of the instruments used)

If the upcoming lawsuit comes down to having the jury pick between two competing reports, it could be a very technical trial.